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                      Washing Machine Reviews 

 Washing Machine Reviews

Washing Machine Reviews - How to Choose a Washing Machine That Fits Your Needs

 What are some of the best washing machines available for doing wash? Well let's review some of the best selling washing machines and see.

Kenmore Elite King size washer

First on the list is a Kenmore Elite King size washer. This washer is a top loader with the largest payload available for this line. It also has the best cleaning of its line as well. All the wash cycles are there as well as the standard 4 water temps. At the price of $799.99, it is a bargain if you want a high capacity washer for your home. This has a one year warranty.

Frigidaire 3.1 cu electric washer

The other that we are going to compare is the Frigidaire 3.1 cu electric washer with Energy Star technology that has an extra big load capacity. Five wash cycles and at a price of $699.00 compared to the $799.00 for the similarly made Kenmore. This does make it the better value of the two washers.

Samsung WF338AAB washing machine review

Now we will do the comparison between washers and the current trend of "heat" use. Our first washing machine review is of the Samsung WF338AAB. This washer uses steam to deep clean all your clothes. It comes with 12 wash cycles, 8 options, 5 temperature settings 5 spin speeds, and 3 levels for soil. The washer is priced at $ 1,199.00.

Barolo Kenmore Elite washing machine review

Our comparison item is the Barolo Kenmore Elite which retails for $1,299.88. With the same equipment, it is a matter of price as far as which one is the best. Both come with warranties and both are good representatives of their respective brands.

Both are well constructed and have good quality attached to their respective brand names. So it is a matter of choosing the right one for you based upon your wants and needs in the area of a good steam washer.

With this being said and the washing machine review comparisons made, it will be up to the consumer to make the decision that is right for them in the area of which type of washer do they wish to purchase. There are a great many different types of washers out there with different capacities and different modes of energy.

There are different sizes and colors as well as different load capacities. This is a lot to decide upon and the selection of washers is impressive. The price ranges vary by machine and maker so they are in the range of say $200.00 to well past $2,000.00.

That is a very wide range for the consumer to find a washer for their home. Availability is also a factor in choosing a washer that will fit your needs and desires.

The other things to consider are space and water conservation. This is very vital to most communities in the United States as the current drought is forcing water conservation and needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a washer for home usage.

With this consideration taken care of, then the washer may now be purchased for the home.

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