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                                  Best Top Load Washing Machines 2012 



Choose the Best Top Loading Washing Machines 2012 

Washing machines generally combine mechanical energy, electrical energy and chemicals to clean our clothes. There have been two types of washing machines, one the top loader ones and the other being the front loading ones. The difference between them is obvious from their names. Yes, the main difference between them is based on the door location, the former being at the top while the later has the door at the sides. Both function to wash laundry in a fast and efficient way.  

The top-loading machine is the standard appliance, and is still being used. Along with a top door, the agitator is in the middle of the tub. The laundry is moved and rotated through the agitator to get the work done. A good point about the top-loaders ones is that they are comparatively cheap and economical. Also you are able to add clothes even after the process has started. The door in any instance does not get locked. 

Also available are 'High-efficiency top loading' ones. Their features are the combined ones of the other two types. Although looking like the traditional TL ones, they don't have an agitator. They spin and move the laundry at high speeds thus requiring less time to dry thereafter. Also fewer amounts of water and detergent are needed. The only complaint against them is that it makes the clothes more wrinkled. 

To get the best results you should sort your clothes according to the texture and the color before putting them into the tub. Different colors do require separate settings and controls. Thus it is imperative that you should at the very least pile your light and dark textured laundry separately. Same is the case for heavy and light fabrics. Put the detergent beforehand. When you add the clothes, don't try and fit in as many as possible. It may result in jamming of the agitator or make it slow in the middle of the washing. Add a fabric softener with bleach to the laundry as per the instructions given on the package. 

Set your machine controls according to the fabric type, color, weight, durability and the amount of the laundry you will be washing. Colored fabrics are to be washed in cold water, just in case the colors come out. Wash the delicate and lighter fabrics with a slow setting so that your clothes don't get ruined or worn out before time. 

An RPM speed of 950 is right if you use your machine once in a week. It extends the life of the machine. Machines with higher RPM speed more than 1000 makes the machine work harder thus taking a toll on it. Efficiency and being eco-friendly makes your machine green. It saves a lot of energy, water, detergent and money. Many products choose the speed of the spin thus helping you dry your delicate clothes easily. Some products while being small are very efficient. You may also consider the amount of noise a machine will make. A noisy machine in a small household may be a problem. 

The first models anyone would look to buy are obviously the one under the popular brand names. There is not a very huge difference in cost between the best and 'second best' so as to say, however you are to choose according to the various functionalities keeping in mind that you would be using the appliance for a long time since you buy. You would also consider your lifestyle and the budget of course. 

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