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      Best Countertop Ovens 2011 

 The Best Countertop Ovens of 2011 

Countertop Convection Ovens Advice  

By Richard McIntyre 

The countertop convection oven is a toaster oven built on the model of the conventional convection oven. It has a fan that disburses the hot air throughout the toaster oven so that the food will be cooked evenly and baked goods will brown evenly. Food that is cooked in a conventional toaster oven needs to be turned midway during cooking in order to be cooked evenly. With the convection toaster oven, this is unnecessary. 

In order to get the countertop oven that best suits your purpose, there are a few things you have to take into consideration. How large should that oven be? Where will you put the oven when you get it? What features should that oven have? 

To begin with, the size of the countertop oven should be determined by what you will be cooking in it: whole meals that will include roasting, grilling, baking, and broiling; warming up left overs and preparing snacks; or as an addition to the large conventional oven. What you will be cooking in the oven will also depend on whether you are alone, with one other person, or if you have a family. Certainly, if you are cooking for a family your countertop, oven should be larger than when cooking for yourself or one other person. 

When you determine what you want to cook in the oven, you will next have to decide where the oven will be stationed on your countertop. Using that measurement, you will know what size your countertop convection oven should be. 

What features do you want your countertop convection oven to have? Do you want it to broil, roast, bake and grill? Perhaps, you would like to add a rotisserie to it? Should it have a pop up toaster with it? Keep in mind that the more features the oven has, the more expensive it will be. So choose only those features you will most often use, unless of course, money is not an object. Some countertop convection ovens which, as we mentioned are toaster ovens, come with a toaster to toast your bread built into the top of them. 

The best advice that we can give on countertop convection ovens is that you decide what foods you and/or your family eat most thereby, determining what size your oven should be; where will you keep the oven when you buy it; and what features would be the best features for you and your family's meal preparation. With all of this in place, be sure to check your wallet to see what kind of countertop convection oven you can afford and then start shopping. You can buy countertop convection ovens (convection toaster ovens) in retail stores, home improvement stores and online. 

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