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  Best Ovens of 2011 

The Best Ovens of 2011

Best Cookers and Ovens of 2011  

By Phillip Adams-Wright 

If you're in a position to be shopping for a the Best Cookers and Ovens of 2011, you might have thought that they all just came together. This can be especially true if you've never done this kind of shopping before because the most common type of cooker you find is the free standing type that features an oven built in. With so many choices, though, why would one choose to purchase a free standing cooker as opposed to anything else? 

Most kitchens provide space for a free standing cooker. It usually goes between cabinets and sits beautifully as if it were meant to be there. Many people like this option because if they should need to replace the cooker down the road, they will be able to quickly and easily with many cookers built to similar dimensions. 

Plus, the free standing type that has an oven right with it is often much more cost effective and provide so many different options that many people don't see the need for any other option. 

However, when kitchens are highly customized or newly remodelled, you might find that a hob or gas burner and oven do not come together. For instance, if an island is used for double duty and has the cooker on it, this opens up options such as a griddle or grill in between the burners. Many people love this option when it's surrounded by a countertop and has room for seating just across the island from the cook. 

In this case, there is often what is called built in ovens. Usually, these will come either in a pair or as a conventional and convection oven and are commonly put in the part of the island that is under the cooker or in a different wall that is easily accessible. If you're seeking more specialized baking, or like the idea of being able to bake two completely different things at one time, then this might be an option for you to consider. However, you should ensure that you have the space in your kitchen to add this kind of oven. 

For most, a free standing cooker with a built in oven is the ultimate cooking experience. You can cook something on the hob while baking in the oven and dinner, or any meal will be done beautifully, but for those who want something more specialized, it might be worth it to consider going with a cooker and oven that are separate and as individual as the needs of the cook. 

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