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    Best Hotpoint Washing Machines 

Best Hotpoint Washing Machines

Best Hotpoint Washing Machine -  Reviews


As its name suggests, the Hotpoint WMD962 Ultima is one of the high-end washing machines that the company produces. It's perfect whether you need to wash the clothes of one person, or one family.

Energy Efficiency

The Hotpoint WMD962 Ultima has received an overall "A+" rating for its energy efficiency. That means that this washing machine will not only help you to save on your utility bills, but you'll also do your part to save the world!


1. Capacity

The capacity of the Hotpoint WMD962 Ultima is eight kilograms. This is more than you'd typically need, since a "standard" washer only has a capacity of six kilograms. The bottom line is that whether you need to wash a few items or a week's worth of clothes, you won't have any problems getting the job done.

2. Design

The modular design and white color of the Hotpoint WMD962 Ultima makes it perfect for virtually any type of color scheme or theme in the room where your laundry machine will be located.

3. LCD Display

This feature provides you with complete control and feedback of your washing machine. Some of the main features that you can set include Super Silencing, Mini Load, and Delay Start. And you can enjoy all of these features by the press of one button on the convenient LCD display.

3. Spin efficiency

The spin efficiency of the Hotpoint WMD962 Ultima is 1,600 rpm. What that means is that the spin cycle of your clothes will be completed faster than normal. In fact, this model machine has received an "A" rating for its spin efficiently. Interestingly, such a high rating is quite uncommon among today's washing machines.

4. Wash performance

This model form Hotpoint has received an "A" rating for its overall wash performance. So you can be assured that the appliance will wash your clothes thoroughly each and every time. This is of the utmost importance, since the ultimate function of your laundry machine is to wash clothes thoroughly.

5. Quick wash

This feature is perfect if you need to wash your clothes in a jiffy. Instead of waiting for the duration of a regular washing cycle, your clothes will be washed, rinsed, and spun at lightning speed.

6. One-year warranty

This will give you peace-of-mind knowing that your new washer will be covered during the first year that you own it. Yes, Hotpoint produces some of the best washing machines in the business. But remember that "stuff" happens in life. The warranty will protect you from unexpected repairs that will be necessary.

If you're looking for a high-end washing machine that will wash your clothes quickly and efficiently, then you should certainly consider the Hotpoint WMD962 Ultima. In a word, it's the "ultimate" in washing machines!

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