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STEP 1: Buy a coupon organizer. You can find them at the dollar store, drugstores, & even some grocery stores might sell them. I bought one from the dollar store that is an accordion type organizer. The organizer should already have the different categories listed & separated, "meats, dairy" etc.

STEP 2: Either subscribe to the Sunday paper or buy one or two every Sunday (trust me, the coupons & ads in them ARE worth the price!)

STEP 3: Sign up on: a Coupon Free Website.

These sites will all have printable coupons available for you to print out, file in your coupon organizer, & take to the store with you! Some of these sites also have coupons for items other than food, too! Also, be sure to check out your grocery store's website for printable coupons before leaving the house!!


STEP 4: Organize your coupons by expiration date in each category. The items expiring soonest should be towards the front of each respective category. There should also be a "today's coupons" category in your organizer towards the very front. Put all the coupons you're gonna use for this shopping trip in that category. This way you won't have to shuffle through each category at the check out!

STEP 5: If there is a dollar store or discount store near you, check these stores first! Dollar store chains like Dollar General accept manufacturer's coupons & they carry national brands so you're not sacrificing anything! (Check their website before you leave the house too in case there's a coupon or two you don't already have)

STEP 6: When you get to the grocery store, plan your meals around what's on sale. Pay attention to store specials! If you don't have a membership card to the grocery store, get one now before you check out. Trust me, it's worth it (and free!)

STEP 7: After you've planned your meal, go shopping! I've found that a lot of times, I'll have a grocery coupon for a national brand item but with the discount from the coupon applied, the price of the item still comes out to be either more or the same as a generic brand. So, you should try generic brands whenever you can. Obviously price the national brands + coupons against the generic to make sure you get the best deal. I will say this: sometimes, it is not worth it to go generic (although the majority of the time it has been for me). Figure out how far you're willing to go to stretch your budget.

STEP 8: Now the moment of truth: the checkout counter. Armed with your store membership card, coupons that should be in the "today's coupons" category for easy access, & any specials the store has that you may have taken advantage of, your grocery bill should be significantly reduced! Congratulations!

STEP 9: When you get home, be sure to save your receipt (at least for the day). There are usually sweepstakes entries & prize money to be won by going online & answering a survey about your experience. The cashier also may have printed out coupons with your receipt based on your previous trips (information stored on the card).

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