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                          Bosch Kitchen Mixer 

 Bosch Kitchen Mixer


The Bosch Kitchen Mixer is a very popular stand mixer. Many consumers consider this stand mixer to be the very best. Some of the features of this popular and powerful kitchen mixer include a 700 watt motor, A three speed transmission using a patented belt drive, a unique mixing design, and a 6 quart bowl. This is a feature rich kitchen stand mixer which includes blender, food processor, mixing, whisking, and bread dough attachments.


The three speed transmission includes a pulse setting which provides an extra burst of power when needed. The patented belt drive eliminates the typical gear driven drive used by some stand mixer manufacturers. As the gears are often the first thing to break on a stand mixer the lack of gears means you won't have to worry about this problem.

The typical stand mixer uses a crane like design to lower the beaters or mixing attachments into the bowl. The Bosch kitchen mixer aka the Bosch universal mixer has a unique design with the attachment arm coming up through the center of the bowl. This allows the Bosch kitchen mixer to take up less room than some of the larger stand mixers.

The 6 quart capacity bowl allows for up to 12 pounds of ingredients to be mixed at one time. many of the popular models of mixer only have a 4 to 5 quart bowl. So, if being able to whip up a triple batch of cookie dough is a feature you need the Bosch kitchen mixer is the kitchen appliance for you.

Attachments and Other Features

One of the unique thing about a Bosch Kitchen Mixer is that it comes with a built in blender fixture. So, when you buy this versatile kitchen mixer you are also buying a blender. There is also a food processor attachment, a lid that covers the entire bowl, grater, shredder, slicer attachment and a cookie shaping tool. Of course, it also has the standard blender attachments; standard mixer, a dough hook,and wire whisk. Bosch packs a lot into this package and yet it only weighs 15 pounds. In the world of stand mixers this is the only thing light weight about this mixer.

Bosch made this handy stand mixer in two versions; the standard and the compact for smaller kitchens. It only comes in white. Of course, white matches almost any decor. There is also a 3 year warranty on new Bosch Kitchen Mixers.

If you buy a refurbished mixer you can purchase additional warranty coverage. One company that sells warranty coverage is called Squaretrade. They will sell you a product coverage policy at a pretty reasonable price if you are worried about buying a refurbished appliance and having it die after the usual 90 day warranty period. They can cover you for an additional one to three years.