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Best Washing Machines

What are the Best Washing Machins - 5 Best Washing Machine Brands

There are various washing machine brands present in today's market. Yet, only a few are noteworthy brands. On this list are 5 top-rated washer brands known for being energy-efficient as well as with their overall cleaning performance.

One is the Fisher and Paykel washing machines. This brand stands out among the rest. One good thing about this brand is its energy-saving functions. It consumes lesser energy than most average washers, yet, it cleans your laundry more efficiently and with less noise. This brand also offers models that has different speed options for better wash control and unlike any brands, you're free to use any detergent that you want on this.

Another top-rated washing machine brand is the Frigidaire. It's one of the most affordable brands in the market today for all those budget-conscious consumers out there. It offers 14 wash cycles making it energy-efficient - another way to cut down costs and save money. It also comes with a very fast spin speed that can extract as much moisture helping reduce your drying time.

Kenmore machines also made it to the list. It's probably among the most flexible manufacturers around. It's been around expanding its company for so many years now. They are also one of the pioneers in washing machines. It's another brand that's known for it energy-saving features. It can save you as high as 20% of your energy consumption without compromising its cleaning capabilities. A really good option for those who wants extreme savings in energy usage. It's also known to kill bacteria and germs without the help of an anti-bacterial detergent.

Maytag is also among our top-rated washing machine makers today. It's mostly known for its highly-rated front loader washing machine. It does the washing and cleaning so well without the annoying noise generated by the whirring and chugging of your laundry. Not only is it one of the most inexpensive washers around, it's also an excellent energy and water saving machine helping you reduce your every day expenses.

Another top-rated washing machine maker is Whirlpool. You not only get a washer that's great in exterior design, but will also get an even better interior layout. It saves you more on your electricity and water consumption with an excellent cleaning and noise-free performance available at affordable prices. It's no doubt one of the finest machines in today's market.

If you're on the lookout for new washers, it's best to check out these top-rated washing machine brands first. You'll definitely not regret making your investment to any one of these great brands.

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